Accessible Lifesaving Education for at Risk Teens


Employment Readiness Program

An initiative to help young adults with disabilities find and

keep meaningful jobs.  


CILO is pleased to announce FREE classes for young adults with disabilities ages 22-26, to find and keep jobs. These classes are targeted for individuals who have recently graduated or have ‘aged-out’ of their programs. We promote self-advocacy and independence, by teaching ‘work skills’ and how to access community resources.


Classes are held three days a week from 10 pm - 1 pm*.


Classes Include:

  • Interviewing
  • Dress for Success
  • Computer Skills
  • Resume Writing
  • Workplace behavior
  • Accessing Community Resources

· Social Security Benefits

· Food Stamps

· Medicaid

· Etc...


Please contact us at (561) 966-4288 for more information!


"Our goal is to promote confidence in adults with disabilities to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals"