Advocacy (Education, Employment, Housing, Discrimination)

CILO addresses individual and systemic issues in fair housing, special education, employment, transportation, accessibility, and public benefits, such as Social Security and food stamps. CILO also provides Disability Sensitivity Seminars to teach self-advocacy skills and raise awareness of disability rights issues.

CILO assists citizens with disabilities to register to vote and works for equal access in the voting process and at the polls.

Educational Advocacy:

CILO advocates for a free appropriate education in the least restrictive environment for students with disabilities who require special education and related services or accommodations. CILO assists with Individual Education Plan (IEP), or 504 Plan meetings for students in public school and post-secondary institutions.

CILO also conducts educational seminars for parents and students on self-advocacy, transition issues, basics of special education advocacy, guardianship, adult service agencies, and other topics as needed.


CILO assists individuals who believe they have been discriminated in employment due to their disability. We will assist in filing employment discrimination complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


CILO will assist individuals who believe they have been discriminated on the basis of disability. We will assist in obtaining reasonable accommodations or refer you to an equal opportunity agency or private attorney.