Meet the Team

Dan E. Shorter, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Maite Reyes-Coles, MA, Director of Operations/Programs
Petra Pitkonen, Accountant
Kemberly Pastrana, BSW, Office Manager

Advocacy Services:
Susan Carberry, BSW, Advocacy Specialist

Darlene Williamson, Advocacy Specialist
Brandy Macaluso, MSW, Coordinator of Victim Services
William Genem, Crime Victim Practitioner
Tanya Meade, Crime Victim Practitioner

Glenn Stahl, Crime Victim Practitioner

Independent Living Services:
Maite Reyes-Coles, MA, Coordinator
Rebecca Jonguitud, Independent Living Specialist
Varah Siedlecki, Independent Living Specialist
Irene Sirois, BA, Independent Living Specialist

Information and Referral Services:
Rene Favreau, Information and Referral Specialist

Treasure Coast Services:
Angela Van Etten, LLB, JD, Coordinator
Joseph Anderson, Program Specialist
Shannon Pretorius, Program Specialist
Brandy Macaluso, MSW, Coordinator  of Crime Victim Services
Mary "Libby" Snider, Crime Victim Practitioner
Michele Sanz, Crime Victim Practitioner
Mary Thomas, MS, Treasure Coast/Program

Youth Services:
Daniel Cadorette, Coordinator of Youth Services

Consuela Green, Youth Aide
Shams Rehman, Youth Aide
Kenya Huhue, Youth Aide



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