Crime Victim Assistance

CILO provides a Crime Victim Practitioner to assist people with disabilities who have been victims of crime.

Support And Advocacy:

  • Accompaniment to police interviews, State Attorney’s meetings, depositions, court hearings and other crime-related meetings
  • Support Groups/Peer Counseling
  • Counseling on police and court proceedings & legal process
  • Crime Victim Counseling
  • Assistance to obtain restraining orders
  • Advocacy for accessibility needs
  • Assistance in obtaining victim compensation
  • Referral to shelters, community resources, or social services

Emergency Help:
In cases of physical injury or financial loss, CILO will attempt to assist locating housing, food, shelter, employment, clothing, transportation, replacement of lost papers, filing state victim compensation or other claim forms related to disability, mental and medical healthcare.

After a crime occurs, a victim often feels traumatized and unsure about how to resume their normal activities. CILO offers emotional and practical support through the criminal justice process.

We help in the areas of domestic violence, child abuse, adult and child sexual assault, fraud, adult physical abuse, collateral homicide survivors, DUI/DWI crashes, elder abuse, robbery, assault, cyber crime, child pornography, victims of gang violence, theft, ID theft, institutional abuse, exploitation, human trafficking, stalking, hate crimes and burglary.

As a crime victim, you have rights throughout the criminal proceedings against the defendant in your case. You have the right to be informed, to be present, and to be heard when authorized, at all crucial stages of the criminal proceedings to the extent that these rights do not interfere with the constitutional rights of the person accused of committing the crime. We are committed to providing you with the information and assistance you need.

This project was supported by Award #V13223, awarded by the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice programs sponsored by CILO & the State of Florida.